Knowing of a need for fire protection in Shamong Township a public meeting was held at the Indian Mills School auditorium on February 12,1942. There was 32 residents in attendance from Shamong. Mr. Walter McClain, the President of the Burlington County Firemen’s Association, who was from Medford Township was present. Also present was Arbury Evans Chief of Union Fire Co. of Medford Township and Chief Richard Salter of Waterford Township fire company Camden County. Mr Calton Taylor and Mr Granville Prickett of Medford were also present. These men were there to give advice and answer any questions about the running of a fire company. A motion was made and seconded to organize a fire company with the assistance of Mr McClain and the other gentlemen and would be called the Indian Mills Volunteer Fire Company No. 1.

The Indian Mills Volunteer Fire Company was incorporated in 1942. A copy of the resolution passed by the Township of Shamong on March 10,1942 recognizing the Indian Mills Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 as the official fire company for Shamong Township.The frist budget in 1942 for the fire company was $2,000.00. Our first chief was Henry Wright. Chief Wright appointed Thomas Gardner Jr. as First Assistant Chief and Raymond Crain as the Second Assistant Chief on February 19, 1942 and the following officers were elected February 12, 1942. President Hobart Gardner Vice President Forrest Jennings, Recording Secretary William D. Miller, Financial Secretary Charles Cramer, Treasurer Lewis Schrider Jr. Trustees were George Weigel, A G Bishop, Thomas Gardner Jr.

Our first building was a 24 X 24 cinder block building and they paid 18 cent each for the cinder blocks. It was constructed March of 1942 and it still can be seen next to the present fire station. On March 5, 1942 the committee on Repairs and Supplies reported on the purchase of a siren for $ 500.00. Said money would come from the Township Civil Defense. On March 21, 1942 Volunteers were asked to help in the erection of a tower for the new siren. Our first fire truck was purchased March 5, 1942 used for $1200.00./ The first reported fires were May 2, 1942 a four room one story cabin at Atsion Lake was a total loss and three persons died. No alarm was turned in and the cabin was loss before it was discovered. The fire occurred between 2 and 6 AM. On May 10, 1942 there was a chimney fire at William Goodman’s home on Atco Road. Membership was growing on February 4, 1943 the following applications for active membership being voted favorable were Melvin Crain, Philip Chappine, Stanley J. Rowe, Mayor Stanley Giberson, Harry Simons Jr. John Abrams, and John Wells. The Fire company continued to grow and in 1970 a new 4 bay building was constructed adjacent to the first building on Willow Grove Road.

In 1992 the fire company along with some concerned citizens , added a First Aid Squad. This was the birth of the Shamong EMS. For many months they stored the Ambulances at the garage at the Indian Mills School on Indian Mills Road. After the addition of the EMS Squad it was decided that the building once again needed to be enlarged. In 2000 after several years of planning and permitting we broke ground for the new 2 bay addition to the existing building. After almost a year of construction we now have a 7 bay Fire and EMS building with much needed offices and a nice meeting room.

Fire Chiefs of the Indian Mills Vol. Fire Co (Deceased*)


Chief ‘s Name         Year in service

Henry Wright*    1942 – 1969                        John Smith 2017 
Thomas Gardner* 1970 ( Jan to Sept)
Stanley J Rowe * 1970  ( Oct to Dec)
Harley Bill Wright*  1971 to 1978
Paul Miller   1979 to 1986
John Smith Jr. 1987 to 2000
James White  2001 to 2006
Mike Durham  2007 to 2010  
Ed Moniot 2011 to 2016





Life Members (Deceased*)

Andrew Ropolli Fire
Bill Gates EMS Fire
Bruce Allen Fire
Carlton L. Taylor * Honorary Life Member
Charles Cramer * Fire
Charles Gardner Fire
Charlie Burgin Fire
Cheryl Allen Fire
Christopher Reinhart Fire
Dominic Chappine Jr Fire*
Dominic Chappine Sr * Fire
Edward Moniot Fire & Forest Fire
Elvin C. Wright * Fire
R.Everett Abrams * Fire

Everett L. Abrams Sr. Fire*
Forrest Jennings * Fire
Frank Morey * Fire
Gary Welsh Fire & Forest Fire
George H. Weigel * Fire
Harley Bill Wright * Fire
Henry Wright * Fire
Hobart R. Gardner * Fire
Isaiah E. Brown * Fire
James White Fire
Jay Borowsky * EMS
John Chappine *Fire
John Gardner Sr. Fire*
John Smith Fire & Forest Fire
Joseph Reinhart Fire Forest fire

Leah V. Prickett * Fire Siren
Lester Abrams * Fire
Lewis Schrider Jr * Fire

Leon King Fire
Michael Durham Fire

Paul Miller Fire
Ralston Weeks Fire *
Reeve Crain * Fire
Stanley A. Rowe Fire & Forest, Fire, Fire Police
Stanley J. Rowe Fire *
Susan Wilson Fire
Theodore Harczynski * Fire
Thomas K.R.Gardner * Fire & Forest Fire
Thomas Russell * Fire
Walter McClain Honorary Life Member *
William Gardner * Fire & Forest Fire
William Miller * Fire
John Carney EMS Fire
Don Roble Fire Michelle Wells EMS
Roseanne Rowe EMS  Tim Rowe EMS Dave Taylor EMS




Life Member & Dinner Events

Testimial & Life Member Dinner
June 6, 1959
Indian Mills Deer Club

Honorary Dinner for Chief Henry Wright & Life Members
April 4,1970
Medford VFW

Life Member Dinner
April 28,1979
Indian Mills Fire Station

50th Anniversary Dinner
May 1, 1993
YMCA Camp Ockanickon

Life Member & Company Dinner Shannon’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Life Member  Company Dinner  January 21 ,2012  Pic’s 

Company Dinner Jauary  26,2013   Pic’s                                                                                                                                              

Company Dinner and Life Members Jan 28,2017